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Given the strong personalities at play in . it wasn’t surprising that Ice Cube’s departure from the group was acrimonious. He poured his vitriol into his solo releases. This reached an apogee on his second album, Death Certificate . An unapologetic treatise at the state of things at the start of the fin de siècle, it was both coruscating and visionary, and not without controversy. The furore surrounding its release might have lessened in the intervening years. Its power most certainly hasn’t.

No matter who stops by to drop off their two cents, the show remains squarely focused on the dynamic talents of Gab and XCel, who prove on cuts like the gorgeous “Make You Feel That Way” that they didn’t need guests to create evocative, memorable Hip-Hop.

A new version of Operation Doomsday , with red & black vinyl and a poster, is being released by Metalface Records this week.

Doom's first commercial breakthrough came in 2004, with the album Madvillainy , created with producer Madlib under the group name Madvillain . Released by Stones Throw Records , the album was a critical and commercial success. MF Doom was seen by mainstream audiences for the first time as Madvillain received publicity and acclaim in publications such as Rolling Stone , The Washington Post , The New York Times , The New Yorker , and Spin . A video for "All Caps" and a four-date . tour followed the release of Madvillainy .

15. Bruce Haack, Farad: The Electric Voice (2010)
Seminal anthology from the J Dilla inspiration, eccentric children’s music composer and vocoder fountainhead.

Madvillain - MadvillainyMadvillain - MadvillainyMadvillain - MadvillainyMadvillain - Madvillainy