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In the early days of television in the United States, many stations located on VHF channel 13 used a black cat as a mascot in order to make sport of being located on an "unlucky" channel number.

What they've been up to: Raver has appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles , Revolution , 24: Live Another Day , and Bones .

Title Length Color Rating : Is Abortion a Murder? - To begin, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “abortion is the spontaneous or induced termination of a ...

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TVLINE | Whether that was Raven or not, I want to see more of her in the future. The scenes between her and Dash were  ridiculous  and so fun to watch.
I know! [Eric Winter and Sarah Lancaster] actually know each other in real life, so they felt very comfortable. They had so much fun with it, and it was great to see that side of Dash coming out. I mean, he’s a stud, what can I say? Plus, she’s a badass! I love Raven.

These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search). You may also sort these by color rating or essay length . Title Length Color Rating   Is Abortion a Murder? - To begin, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “abortion is the spontaneous or induced termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus.” Frankly speaking, abortion is the deliberate act or termination of a life (pregnancy). Most often the abortion is performed during the first twenty-eight (28) weeks of the pregnancy. Life begins upon the sperm and egg culminating/conception, whether this implantation/merging is called an embryo or fetus, it is in fact a human being....   [tags: pregnancy, crime, death, murder, children, rights]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Synopsis of Anatomy of a Murder Movie - Anatomy of a Murder takes place in small-town in Michigan, where a murder has taken place. Lieutenant Frederick Manion (Lt. Manion) murdered Barney Quill a local bar and inn owner, after Mr. Quill raped his wife Laura Manion. Mrs. Manion contacts former state district attorney Paul Biegler to represent her husband, who is facing charges for first degree murder. Knowing nothing about the case, Mr. Biegler is convinced by his friend Parnell McCarthy to take the case. After two visits to in jail and discussing things over with Mr....   [tags: lt manion, anatomy, murder, barney quill]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Art of Murder - The Art of Murder In "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Bargain" murder happens.  Certainly, murder is one of the most vile, inhuman crimes a person can commit. Many people commit it willfully and wantonly, but few get away with it without being suspected. General Zaroff got away with murder quite frequently, and Mr. Baumer also did. They were both good at it. Zaroff and Mr. Baumer were the most evil people in "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Bargain" because they were both very sneaky and smart about murdering, they both stacked the deck against their victims, and they were both murderers....   [tags: The Art of Murder] 735 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Why Jhonny Cade Should or Should not Be Tried for Murder - Ernest Hemingway once said, “All things truly wicked start from innocence.” This quote is relevant to the story, The Outsiders, because sixteen year old Johnny Cade is considered innocent. Johnny is still considered innocent because he is not yet an adult. Another reason he might be believed innocent is because he is quiet, small for his age, and the pet of a group called ‘The Greasers’. However, his conceived innocence is soon diluted not by adulthood, but the truly wicked act of murder. He and Ponyboy Curtis were running away when some guys from another group called ‘The Socs’ stopped them and were going to beat them up....   [tags: the outsiders, teen murder, novel]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The OJ Simpson Murder Trial and the Criminal Justice System - The OJ Simpson Murder Trial and the Criminal Justice System A crime being committed is the first event to initiate our criminal justice system. On June 12th 1994 a double murder was reported at the residence of Nicole Brown Simpson the ex-wife of the then beloved Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson. It was discovered that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman had been brutally murdered and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) began their investigation, this being the second step in our criminal justice system....   [tags: famous televised murder trials]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Lady Macbeth by William Shakespeare: Murder or Hero - Murder or Hero, Sometimes it’s Hard to Say Though someone who murders and is malicious would be hard to see as a hero, once the evidence has been shown it cannot be denied that Macbeth, from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, qualifies as one. Though his way of life may be hard to understand Macbeth is a tragic hero. This statement can be made because throughout the play he meets all the criteria necessary to be classified as one. Macbeth has a very clear and definite downfall and he also has the power to draw the pity and attention of the audience which classifies him as a tragic hero....   [tags: tragic hero, murder, duncan]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Murder in the Bible - Murder in the Bible The act of murder is rampant in the Bible. In much of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, there are laws that command that people be killed for absurd reasons such as working on the Sabbath, being gay, cursing your parents, or not being a virgin on your wedding night. In addition to these crazy and immoral laws, there are plenty of examples of God's irrationality by his direct killing of many people for reasons that defy any rational explanation such as killing children who make fun of bald people, and the killing of a man who tried to keep the ark of God from falling during transport....   [tags: Murder Violence Bible Crime Christianity Essays] 5987 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Priest's Graveyard: A Murder Story - When Renee Gilmore's mother died, she used some of the money her mom left her and moved to California, hoping to get her dream job; acting. But that’s not how it worked out. After being in California for a while, she became low on money. She connected with an old friend, and sold weed on the side. Unfortunately, she ran into a man named Cyrus. The most powerful pusher of the South. She soon became enslaved to him. In her second attempt to run, she was hit by a car. The driver 'saved' her from Cyrus and practically made her into his own slave....   [tags: confess, murder, drugs] 673 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Murder - In the main room, Sidney walked over and stared at the scrapbook. He turned the pages, causing the officer to pull him away. "We’re here to collect what belongs to you with no side trips. Head to where you stayed and pick up your junk. No reason for you to touch anything else." "OK, OK. I just wondered why that was here, and why the pages are torn out. I'll get my things." The officer watched Sidney gather what belonged to him. Sadness stopped him a minute as he surveyed the room, and pulled the door shut....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay] 918 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Murder - A long day, as Sunday always seemed, was coming to an end. BA and Liz were preparing for bed, when a call came. A glance at his watch, which read 10:30 brought disgust. "Who could it be at this hour. Couldn’t I pretend we aren't home and let the answering machine pick up?" His fingers drummed irritably on the phone before he answered with no friendliness. “Yes.” The voice on the other end he didn’t recognize. "Somethin’ awful happened to Sally. Better git over there quick," and hung up. BA slammed the phone back into the charger....   [tags: creative writing, imaginative writing] 1273 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Murder - As BA reached the hospital parking lot exit, his cell phone buzzed. His watch read 10:22; so much for intentions. The unplanned interventions in a schedule he took in stride. However, he didn’t expect Liz to be calling. "Bernie, Harry asked for you to call him. The number is 555-1346, extension 22." "Have they learned something regarding Sally's murder?" “Sharon Connors passed away last night. Harry has a couple questions he wants to ask." "That surprises me. Sick yes, but didn't give the impression of being anywhere near death." "I know....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay] 1229 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Social Order in . James’ A Mind To Murder - . James’ A Mind To Murder - Social Order One of the basic assumptions underlying any detective novel is a sense of social order. The novelist assumes that the reader agrees that killing people is wrong; it does not matter if the victims are exemplary citizens or odious individuals, it is the mere act of snuffing out another’s life that is against the social order. In . James’ A Mind To Murder, Nurse Marion Bolam’s murder of her stuffy and self-righteous cousin Enid illustrates a situation where the nurse and her invalid mother had suffered from her cousin’s stinginess; James gives us a clear look at the murderer’s fear that if Enid had been given time to change her will as she...   [tags: . James A Mind To Murder] 1470 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Is a Murder Worth a Murder - In the short story “A Hanging” by George Orwell, an execution is about to occur in Burma. A man who is has committed an unnamed crime is about to receive the ultimate punishment of death. The story describes in great detail his short walk to the gallows where he will face his death. Everyone in the prison camp knows what is to come and all have a somber feeling in their hearts. The jail superintendent wants the death to proceed quickly so that the day can go on as normal. As a young magistrate watches the painful walk, he notices the prisoner walks around a puddle....   [tags: Capital Punishment] 698 words
(2 pages) Better Essays [preview] The Murder of Helen Jewett by Patricia Cline Cohen - The Murder of Helen Jewett by Patricia Cline Cohen      In The Murder of Helen Jewett, Patricia Cohen uses one of the most trivial murders during the 1800’s to illustrate the sexiest society accommodations to the privileged, hypocritical tunneled views toward sexual behavior, and the exploitation of legal codes, use of tabloid journalism, and politics. Taking the fact that woman was made from taking a rib from man was more than biblical knowledge, but incorporated into the male belief that a woman’s place is determined by the man....   [tags: Murder Helen Jewett Cohen Essays] 1471 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey - Stated by John Ramsey, “As I was walking through the basement, I opened the door to a room, and knew immediately that I’d found her because there was a white blanket- her eyes were closed, I feared the worse but yet- I’d found her” (Bardesley, and Bellamy). On December 26, 1996, one of the most famous, unsolved murders took place in Boulder, Colorado (Christopher). The murder caused many events including accusations, interrogations, false claims, and examining of evidence. The case also caused the Ramsey family to go through a hard time....   [tags: famous unsolved murders]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] The Causes and Prevention of Murder - You or someone in your family may have children who perform actions that can be indications of a potential serial killer. Most parents will ignore these signs but they are no joke. Does your child like to harm small animals. Does your child live in an unstable family; is your child socially awkward and isolated from everyone else. If you said yes to these questions, you may want to get more involved in your child’s life. According to many experts harming small animals, an unstable family, isolation from others, and bad mental health are the four main causes of murder but those are not the only causes....   [tags: violent crimes, serial killers, murders]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Degrees in Murder Chargers and Notorious Murderers - Why do people kill. Is it perhaps something that excites them; something that gives them a rush that nothing else can fulfill. When someone kills another person it is of course against the law; and to this day there have been many different cases in how people kill others, and how the law classifies them. For example, first degree, second degree, and third degree. Then there are of course the people that commit them and what drives them. I will in my paper discuss the different degrees of murder charges and then also classify some famous murderers in history, their charges, and penalty’s....   [tags: First, Second and thrid degree murders]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is a Murder - ... It causes suffering and the act of killing is generally terribly painful. Not only does it put the victim in grief, but it also greatly impacts the victim’s family, friends, and loved ones. Mostly everyone believes that deliberately taking someone’s life is simply wrong. No religion permits one to kill a human being for any reason whatsoever. No human has the power and the right to take another person’s life. Murder is usually done for selfish reasons, such as for money or for property. Moreover, murder is done without the consent of the person....   [tags: debate, society, killing, unethical] 730 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion Is Murder - The topic of abortion is an extremely controversial issue in today's society, there are many separate views on the morality of it. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy (“Abortion”). In other words, it is the murder of an unborn child. Throughout the past there has been several court cases related to abortion, in attempt to resolve the debate. For example, Roe v. Wade declared that unborn children are neither ‘persons’ nor are they entitled to the same constitutional protection as born children (“Roe V....   [tags: Abortion Pro Life Essays]
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( pages) Good Essays [preview] Abortion is Murder - Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It has been going on for many centuries. No one knows when the first abortion was because many of them were never documented. Approximately half of the women in the United States have had at least one pregnancy that they aborted (“Abortion In”). In the 1820s there were laws forbidding abortion after fourth month of pregnancy. Many feminist, such as Susan B. Anthony are against abortion. Susan B. Anthony was an American civil rights leader in the 19th century (“Susan B....   [tags: The Right to Life, Pro-Life Essays] 1411 words
(4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Abortion Is Murder - Today’s society is made up of such an abundant number of controversial issues. One of the most controversial issues being abortion- the act of intentionally termination a pregnancy resulting in the death of the fetus (Kreider, A. personal communication, March 24, 2011). Abortion is both constitutionally and morally wrong, and should be illegal in the United States in all but two cases: if the mother was raped (and pregnancy was as a result of the rape) or if the mother’s life would be put in endangerment by the pregnancy....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Pro-life] 2743 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is Murder - Many Christians and scientist wonder whether abortion is scientifically or biblically wrong. For a Christian you have to prove that God values life before birth and that he has a pro-life stance. You have to also prove that God considers the time in the womb just another stage. From a scientific perspective you have to prove that the zygote, embryo, or fetus is indeed alive. You also have to consider at what point during development it becomes alive. You would also have to prove that it is human....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay] 660 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is Murder - ... The baby’s legs are then pulled into the birth canal. The abortionist then delivers the baby’s body except for the head. They then will jam scissors into the baby’s skull, and then they are opened to enlarge the skull. They remove the scissors and a suction catheter is inserted to suck the unborn child’s brains out which causes the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then taken out. If this isn’t considered murder than I don’t know what is. Instillation abortions are the injection of drugs or chemicals through the abdomen or cervix into the amniotic sac to kill the unborn child causing expulsion from the uterus....   [tags: Conception, Life, Pregnancy]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is Murder - The battle over abortion began with the case of Roe versus Wade on January 22, 1973. This conflict has quickly become one of the most predominant matters of society. By analyzing philosophical theories, biological facts, and psychological affects of abortion, one is able to conclude that abortion is murder. Through education and awareness programs, abortion can be acknowledged as immoral and unethical, thus preventing such crimes from being committed. This process of education starts with the recent history of the battle over abortion in our country....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Euthanasia or Murder - In the medical field a controversial topic is that of euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. Euthanasia in the medical field is also known as Physician Assisted Suicide. In order for a physician to even consider euthanasia there are a six steps to follow for approval. One the patient must be deemed medically aware of what they are asking....   [tags: Medical Field, Controversial Topic]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Mistakes and Murder - William Shakespeare presents us with a prominent example of a tragic hero in his play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Because they experience misfortune and loss, tragic heroes fall from a high status to a low, pitiful existence. This fall is brought about through mistakes and flaws in their own character. Brutus is one of the tragic heroes appearing in this work of literature. He begins as a popular senator in Rome’s democracy who plots to overthrow is superior. Because of the murder of Caesar he begins a journey to a downfall of his own creation....   [tags: Character Analysis]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion Is Murder - Since 1973, when it became legalized, abortion has been of the most controversial ethical issues in America. In the court case of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that women have the right to privacy which includes the right to having an abortion. This ruling has caused many controversies and millions of people throughout America protest against abortion every year. Abortion is an operation of other intervention to end a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from the womb....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Pro-life]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is MURDER - “If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, rather, to use violence to get what they want” -- Mother Theresa The thought of killing to most people is bone chilling and makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. Abortion is unjustifiable murder because that fetus being done away with is a human being that deserves the right to live just like the people participating in the act....   [tags: Pro-Life Essays]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Abortion is Murder - Abortion has been one of the most popular and argumentative topics that has still yet to be settled. Ultimately the question we can ask when trying to solve this issue is whether or not pregnant women should have the right to kill an unborn baby. Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth takes place and is a moral wrong. Can we as a society call ourselves human if we allow the deaths of unborn babies to take place. Those who take the side of pro-choice or as also known as pro-abortion often use statements concerning life, humanity, human rights and freedom to support their claims....   [tags: The Right to Life, Pro-Life Essays] 1038 words
(3 pages) Better Essays [preview] Murder With Permission - The word euthanasia originated from the Greek language as explained in Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide: Introduction (Robinson). It means the intentional termination of life by another at the explicit request of the person who dies. This means that the person who dies must ask someone else to help them kill themselves. However, euthanasia can include both voluntary and involuntary termination of life. Sometimes people end up being victims of euthanasia without giving consent because their doctors feel that there is little hope of them, passing it off as an act of mercy to mollify themselves....   [tags: Euthanasia Essays]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Murder for Hire - Every year in January, protestors line the streets of Washington . with signs that boldly exclaim, “Abortion is Murder”, “Right to Life”, and “Pro-Life.” The March for Life protest attracts approximately one quarter of a million people from across the country annually to demonstrate their disdain for abortion. Ever since the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade in 1973, Americans and lawmakers alike remain in constant dispute over the moral and legal issues of early pregnancy termination. Those opposed to abortion strongly believe that abortion negates the "Right to Life," and they consider it as morally reprehensible....   [tags: Abortion ]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Abortion is MURDER - Mother Theresa once said, “If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, rather, to use violence to get what they want” (Ward). Ronald Reagan also once stated, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born” (Kurtzman). These widely known Pro-life advocates support the idea that abortion unjustly takes the life of a defenseless human being. The Roe vs....   [tags: Pro-Life Essays]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Morality of Murder in Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie - Morals are principles which help people to behave rightly. Also, they need to protect the rules. However, in Agatha Christie’s novel, Murder on the Orient Express, the characters act dishonestly: twelve passengers on the Orient Express murder Cassetti, they lie to the Belgian private detective, Hercule Poirot and the protagonist overlooks the passengers. Agatha Christie wrote these intensions fairly. From Murder on the Orient Express, the readers can learn that some set of morals are endorsed. Before the explanation of twelve passengers’ moral, the description of Ratchett’s background is essential....   [tags: dishonestly, morals, relationships] 978 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Answering the Question in the Murder Mystery - A murder mystery is a type of closed text or resolved suspense that follows a structure. The characters are following a plot structure, the evidence is following a reveal structure, and that will lead to a resolution. “In closed texts, the murder is found, the mystery resolved, the ghost exposed as a mechanical illusion, or the lovers are able to consummate their love” (Bennett 197). Almost all murder mysteries are considered closed texts because of the structure that the texts tend to follow....   [tags: Literature]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] The Murder and Trial of Emmett Till - “Violence never really deals with the basic evil of the situation. Violence may murder the murderer, but it doesn’t murder murder. Violence may murder the liar, but it doesn’t murder lie; it doesn’t establish truth. Violence may even murder the dishonest man, but it doesn’t murder dishonesty. Violence may go to the point of murdering the hater, but it doesn’t murder hate. It may increase hate. It is always a descending spiral leading nowhere. This is the ultimate weakness of violence: It multiplies evil and violence in the universe....   [tags: African American, Discrimination, Linching]
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(4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Lust for Murder: The Milwake Canibal - The Lust for Murder Emotions get the best of everyone in stressful situations, but what about those without any emotions to spare. The media glamorizes murders and serial killers by making them the spotlight of movies, shows and novels. What readers and viewers often forget is that these people are real and have resided on the same street that their kids ride bikes on. The people that commit these horrendous crimes are often known as sociopaths. Not all sociopaths become serial killers, but the combination of abusive childhood, environment and genetic influences pushes them to repeatedly kill and take innocent lives....   [tags: sociopats, serial killer] 786 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] In The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Analysis - The battle between good vs. evil came into existence at the beginning of time and will persist until the end of time. This conflict is placed upon a person at birth and remains with them until death. In The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie proves that good will always overcome evil through the unsatisfied curiosity of Caroline Sheppard, the unrelenting investigation by Hercule Poirot, and the justifiable reasons behind Dr. James Sheppard’s demise. In The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie proves that good will always overcome evil through the unsatisfied curiosity of Caroline Sheppard....   [tags: agatha christie, evil, good will] 1623 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Was the Murder of Julius Caesar Justifiable? - September 9th, 2007: Inmate Jerry Martin, a 37 year old white male steals a truck from a Huntsville parking lot. He drives it into a female correctional officer’s horse, ultimately ending in her falling to her death. An innocent woman, killed because of a man’s poor decision. Homicide is a felony widely regarded as one of, if not the, worst offences a human can commit. The act of ending a man or woman’s life, whether intentional, or unintentional, is one that can very rarely be justifiable....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays] 916 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Analysis of Murder in the Cathedral - Murder in the Cathedral is a two-part, verse drama, tragedy play written in 1935 by Thomas Stearns Eliot, also known by his pen name as T. S. Eliot. It joined many similar writings in the year of 1170 when Archbishop Thomas á Becket was assassinated in the cathedral at Canterbury by four knights ordered by King Henry II following Becket’s rejection of the King’s new marriage (Trudeau 2). Eliot’s most famous works including The Waste Land (1922) and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (1915) were in the past, and a new style of writing would emerge from the more pensive, older Eliot....   [tags: tragedy play, t s eliot, thomas becket]
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(4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Analysis of Red, Green, and Murder - ... But that wasn’t the only suspecting she had. As it turns out Pat Gabaldon, a cowpuncher for the H-Bar-T who stepped in to help in Torrances situation, disappears, the trailer, and the truck Torrance had. The rest of the cattle were found roaming the highway. Gasterner knows that even if Gabaldon planned to sell the truck he wouldn’t have left the horses behind. Then the truck is reported crossing the border with two people in it and none of them are Gabaldon. Dale Torrance didn’t seem to be in the clear zone either....   [tags: criminals, predictable, death, title] 609 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Truman Capote: The Time of Murder - For decades there had been people who were racist and others that felt better because of their skin color. In Truman Capote’s book In Cold Blood these characteristics are captured; however, since its publishing ideals have changed. Some believed that two killers were not given a truly fair trial. Furthermore there was a fight between the system and if the killers should be sentenced to death. This book although effective with style could have used fewer details. Capote presents alternating perspectives, the four members of the Clutter family Nancy, Kenyon, Mrs....   [tags: Cold Blood, Book Analysis]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Murder in Macbeth by William Shakespeare - In Shakespeare's play, Macbeth murders his king, Duncan. He is strongly against committing the sin but power takes the better of him. The reader begins to pity Macbeth despite his flaws of greed and corruption. Shakespeare manipulates the audience to react with empathy towards Macbeth through the utilization of Macbeth's, dialogue, and passion. Throughout the story, there is a feeling of hostility toward Macbeth in response to his harmful actions. However, scenes revealing Macbeth's more admirable side balance that negative feeling....   [tags: kinsman, greed, power] 1007 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] John Sirica and The Ammidown Murder - When I discovered that my English class had to do a Research Paper, I became horrified. I thought students only did this when they were finishing graduate school not when they were starting their first year in college. All I knew about research papers was that there is an overwhelming amount of research to do. In my efforts to complete this obstacle and not bore myself to sleep with researching, I wanted to do an interesting topic, but I had no idea where to begin. I spent hours going through a great number of subjects and people, but once I found topic remotely interesting, I could not find much information on the Library of Congress website....   [tags: Law]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Abortion: The Murder of Inconvenient Lives - Mother Teresa once said, “The greatest destroyer of peace today is 'Abortion', because it is a war against the child... A direct killing of the innocent child, 'Murder' by the mother herself... And if we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another” (“Quotes”). I vehemently oppose abortion because I believe it is the practice of killing the weakest and most defenseless among us to gain personal appeasement. Abortion has many perspectives and debatable issues within itself....   [tags: Pro-Life, voluntary termination of pregnancy]
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( pages) Good Essays [preview] Classical Murder, for the Second Time - I am still shaken up pretty good after what I had just witnessed again for the second time in my life. There I was, just like last time, I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden my life was turned upside down. I have witnessed something that no one should ever have to see, especially on a college campus. It was a few hours after seeing what I thought was just a bunch of college kids arguing about some nonsense turn into a crime, that has messed up my daily life as i knew it. I was waiting in a room for detective Baker to ask me about what I saw, in more details....   [tags: short story] 607 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Investigation of William McGuire's Murder - On April 28, 2004, after closing on his dream house, William McGuire was brutally murdered. His body was severed into three pieces, placed into three matching Kenneth Cole suitcases and then dumped in the Chesapeake Bay. The investigation of his murder would span three years, involve two different investigative teams and end in the conviction of his wife, Melanie McGuire, based on circumstantial evidence (Glatt, 2008). The discovery of this crime began as a fishing trip for Chris Henkle, Dee Connors and his two children Sam and Claire on May 5, 2004....   [tags: Criminal Justice] 2429 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Ian Buruma's "Murder in Amsterdam" - Buruma provides detailed insight into each character allowing the reader to contemplate the motivation behind actions of each one. Buruma describes Theo Van Gogh, the assassinated, as a “ubiquitous figure” in Holland, but is quick to point put out he is better known for his provocative public statements than his films. Van Gogh’s family was made up of Calvinists, Socialists, and Humanists all of which had an influence Theo Van Gogh in one way or another. Buruma emphasizes Van Gogh’s “desire to shock, to stir things up”, a desire developed at a young age and carried into his adulthood and films known for the shock value....   [tags: Character Analysis] 1618 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Attempted Murder and Criminal Acts - In this essay, I will describe the elements of a criminal act, address the law of factual impossibility, the law of legal impossibility, and distinguish whether the alleged crime in the scenario is a complete but imperfect attempt or an incomplete attempt. I will address the ethical or moralistic concerns associated with allowing a criminal defendant to avoid criminal responsibility by successfully asserting a legal defense such as impossibility. The court was clearly wrong to dismiss the charge against Jack of attempted murder of Bert....   [tags: Law of Factual Impossibility, Law of Legal]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Intentional Plan for Mass Murder - The mass murder of European Jews was purposely planned by Adolph Hitler before the wars started because there were already death camps in the making, Hitler was brainstorming more ways to execute all Jews, and he took away Jewish leader from their communities so they had no power or say in what would happen. There are some questions today about the holocaust that people cannot answer. Many people have their own opinions about the war and if it affected the serious reasons for the killings of all Jews....   [tags: Holocaust] 948 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Revenge, Insanity, Murder & Poe - Ending in death most foul, “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” feature revenge and a painstaking cruelty. Pushed to the point of insanity and retribution sought over trivialities, the narrators tell each story by their own personal account. The delivery of their confessions gives a chilling depth to the crimes they have committed and to the men themselves. Both men are motivated by their egos and their obsessions with their offenders. Prompted by their own delusions, each man seeks a violent vengeance against his opposition in the form of precise, premeditated homicide....   [tags: Literature] 1330 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Euthanasia: Murder or a Blessing? - Imagine yourself or a loved one in a vegetable state, lying in a hospital bed. Suffering endlessly, knowing they would hate going on like that. If the option to end the pain and agony was available, knowing they would take it, why not let them. Euthanasia is the answer to relieving these patients of their endless troubles. Giving them the option to end their lives instead of suffering daily does not take away from the sanctity of life. It is a person’s right to choose his or her fate, especially when they are making such a delicate choice....   [tags: assisted-suicide, legalization]
:: 10 Works Cited 1705 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Assisted Suicide: Murder or Mercy? - Assisted Suicide: Murder or Mercy. Physician assisted suicide is becoming a larger issue in our society. More people are learning about it, and that is creating more controversy. Oregon passed their Death with Dignity Act on November 8, 1994. A court battle took place in 1997 to repeal the law, but it failed. The law came into full effect in November 1997. There's a problem with this law, though. The laws in place to protect its patients from abuse are shaky. Even though legal physician assisted suicide will be hard to control, if it is handled properly, it should be legalized (Oregon Right to Life)....   [tags: Euthanasia Essays]
:: 10 Works Cited 2039 words
( pages) Term Papers [preview] I Believe Abortion is Murder - Claim My argument is based an opinion piece, from a magazine article online “we do abortions here: A Nurse’s Tale. The nurse does not agree with abortion because what different women go through. She is saying that you do want kids, then, why put yourself in the position to make it happen, and that some women are too careless. She gives different scenarios on what women go through when abortion is about to take place, but it is not an easy thing. The nurse always ask these woman “Are you sure you want to have an abortion....   [tags: pregnant, terminate, bible]
:: 1 Works Cited 1295 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Emmett Till: His Murder - ... On Sunday, Bryant and Milam were arrested and charged with the abduction of the Chicago youth, and then three days later, the body of Emmett Till was discovered by a local farmer in the Tallahatchie River. The corpse was found with the cotton gin fan around the neck and with too many wounds to be identified. The only identification that could be made was by the ring on Emmett Till’s finger. (The Emmett Till Case) Harold Clarence Strider, who was the sheriff of Tallahatchie County, wanted the body to be quickly buried, but one of Emmett Till’s cousins had notified Miami Till and explained the circumstances in regards to the burial of her son....   [tags: segregation, racism, american history, usa]
:: 7 Works Cited 1154 words
( pages) Term Papers [preview] Hamlet is Guilty of Murder - Sadly, I am of the opinion that Hamlet is guilty of the murders of Polonius and wish that I could say he is not, but it would be a lie. Hamlet is calculating, cunning, and sly. From the moment his father died, and his mother remarried his father’s brother, he has been scheming. He knew something was amiss, and he would do anything to get to the bottom of it. Here are the reason’s why I know this is true. After Hamlet’s mother became remarried Hamlet felt that there was something wrong....   [tags: Shakespeare, literary, soliloquey,] 573 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] The Murder of Larissa Warner - “Larissa Warner, star of this summer’s hottest movie, Gone with the Waves, has been murdered.” The announcement on the ten o’clock news shocked millions of people around the country. “I loved her. Whoever did this will pay!” Detective Elaine Gilone was listening to Larissa Warner’s husband, Caspar Neopa, scream and shout about Warner’s death. “Sir, calm down. Please. Just tell me what happened at 7:23 . last night. Tell me all the details,” said Detective Gilone in an exasperated voice. GIlone was tired and hot, and her patience was wearing thin....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays] 751 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Kitty Genovese Murder Case - On March 13, 1964 a woman by the name of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese was coming back to her apartment in Queens, New York at 3:00 . when she was impaled to death by a serial killer. According to the news, the said attack was about 30 minutes long. During the attack, Kitty Genovese screamed for help numerous times. The killer left the scene when the attention of a neighbor was attracted. Ten minutes later, the killer returned to the scene and murdered Genovese. It came to attention that 38 people witnessed the attack and murder, but all thirty-eight failed to report it until after the murder....   [tags: the bystander effect] 2234 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Stem Cell Research is Murder - The stem cell research controversy is one of the major headlines in bioscience and has been discussed and debated numerous times throughout the last decade or so. It became a major issue in 1997/1998 and continued to the 2000’s where George W. Bush joined to the problem by vetoing the first bid that was brought forward by Congress to lift funding restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research. Bush stated after the veto that, “would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others” and also he stated “It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect”....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Argument] 458 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Murder and Bribery: Lucrezia Borgia - Lucrezia Borgia was considered to be a nefarious and scheming criminal. On April 18, 1480, in Rome, Italy (Lucrezia Borgia 1), she was born to Rodrigo Borgia, who later became Pope Alexander VI, and his mistress, Vanonozza de Cattanei (Aiuto 4), and became a member of the infamous Borgia family. Lucrezia Borgia’s evil reputation was unjustified because she was manipulated by her relatives to fuel their political ambition, was a recipient of her family’s record of crime, and was a victim of unfair propaganda....   [tags: pope alexander VI, marriage] 1407 words
(4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Murder of Larry King - The age old conflict involving the delicate subject of sexual tolerance tentatively progresses onwards until an indefinite stalemate is achieved. Of course a counterexample constantly succeeds in severing the submission. February 12 held such occasion; Oxnard California’s . Green Jr. High School united with scores of individuals, both gay and straight alike, were violently traumatized when a bold student by the name of Larry King was seized of his life by a fellow classmate. The reason being: Larry was gay....   [tags: Hate Crimes] 1206 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Abortion Is Inhumane and Murder - The act of getting an abortion, the killing of a living being, should be illegal throughout the world unless it would save the life of the mother. No matter what the government decides there will always be people arguing both sides. The killing of a human being is illegal. An embryo is made up of cells just as we are. A human being is defined as “any individual of the genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens.”( ) The embryo has the genes that we do that make us a human....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Pro-life, debate]
:: 4 Works Cited 1043 words
(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Murder of Helen Jewett - In the 19th century, industrialization was growing ever more a part of American culture and along with it came new societal structures that were converting the country into a multifarious nation. New York City was an increasingly diverse metropolis with a growing number of classes and cultures within itself. As Irish and southeastern Europeans were arriving into the country’s northern ports, young American boys were also arriving from the country’s interior. The adolescents came to compete for work in the recently industrialized world....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Patricia Cline Cohen] 1411 words
(4 pages) Better Essays [preview] Assisted Suicide: Mercy or Murder? - “If you truly believe in the value of life, you care about all of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society.” This thought-provoking quote by Joni Eareckson Tada conveys a sense of obligation held by society to take up the roles of caretakers for the ones that cannot aid their own health. In the relativity of physician-assisted suicide, the word “care” in the previous statement is defined by helping those in need, in this case, pertaining to health issues with a potentially terminal outcome....   [tags: euthanasia, the right to die]
:: 8 Works Cited 2023 words
( pages) Term Papers [preview] First Degree Murder Conviction - To be found guilty of first degree murder, it must be proven that killed someone with malice aforethought, meaning it was planned, premeditated. First degree murder is to kill malevolence, to kill either intentionally and deliberately or recklessly with the utmost disregard for human life. Premeditation may be fashioned immediately and does not require a lengthy period of contemplation. The death penalty is recognized in Thirty-eight states. Capital first-degree murder or aggravated first-degree murder is categorized in killings viewed as deserving of capital punishment....   [tags: Criminal Justice] 881 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] The Truth about Murder - When I was younger I went to a private catholic school from kindergarten to 6th grade, and year after year the students were taught several key stories from the bible every year from the resurrection of Jesus, Noah and his Ark and the god’s creation of the first humans Adam and Eve. One story that I began to remember as I took more and more criminal justice as I felt it pertained to the information we were learning was the story of Cain and Abel. A basic summary of the story is that Cain and Abel were the two sons of Adam and Eve, and one day Cain became jealous of his younger brother Abel for Abel was favored by God over Cain....   [tags: cain and abel, bible]
:: 4 Works Cited 1753 words
(5 pages) Term Papers [preview] Murder: Subjective or Assumed - Murder: Subjective or assumed. Thesis To convict one of murder, there must be subjective intent for the accused to be considered guilty. Due to the fact that murder is the most hateful crime of the law, all defendants should have the right to be innocent until proven guilty. There must be verifiable evidence to prove the mens rea. Profile of the Law Criminal Code (a) “one who intends on causing bodily harm for the purpose of (i) actually committing the offence, or (ii) planning his escape after committing or attempting to commit the offence, and the death derives from the bodily harm;” (Criminal Code of Canada) Charter of Rights and Freedoms s....   [tags: innocent until proven guilty]
:: 6 Works Cited 908 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Motication for Premiditated Murder - “The transformation of a psychological obsession into an aesthetic principal earned Poe his reputation as a principle innovator of the 19th century short fiction” (May). Edgar Allen Poe’s gruesome style of writing used connects him, and raises the social issue of motivation for murder within our jury trials. This is a widespread process of figuring out within a case in every country across the world. Motivation can be explained as the general desire to do something. “The Tell Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allen Poe deals with murder based on assumption of insanity....   [tags: Literacy Analysis, Edgar Allen Poe]
:: 11 Works Cited 1603 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Three Trials for Murder - Three Trials for Murder Police found Katie Eastburn and two out of three of her daughters stabbed repeatedly with their throats slit. Mr. Cone, a janitor the night the Eastburn woman was murdered, positively identified Timothy Hennis as the suspect. Hennis is a United States army sergeant who recently bought the Eastburn’s dog the night the girls were murdered. An eye wittiness identified Hennis as the man leaving the Eastburn’s home the night in question. Upon receiving a warrant, law enforcement searched Hennis’ home in search for any evidence....   [tags: katie eastburn, testimony, double jeopardy] 796 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is Brutal Murder - ... If killing unborn babies are allowed, why is murdering a person illegal. Everyone in the world has no right to even think of murdering innocent babies. Some people say fetus is not a child. That is wrong. Fetus is proven to be a human life. Just because they can not speak or do what we do, that does not mean he or she isn't a human. This picture of baby is 20 weeks old. Babies in 20 weeks have their arms and legs, 10 fingers and toes which perfectly form human features. Many people who are against death penalty are in a favour of abortion....   [tags: pro-life, fetus, pregnancy] 533 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder? - Terri Schiavo was a woman from Florida who suffered brain damage and was in a coma since the beginning of 1990. Her husband, Michael Schiavo, feeling guilty after seeing his wife in a hospital bed, succeeded in getting her feeding tube removed. Unknowing to the parents of Terry, they later fought a legal battle in court to make the doctors put the tube back in again but lost. In 2005, Schiavo died, two weeks after the feeding tube had been removed. Schiavo was a human being like each and every one of us in a situation that was uncontrollable, lying on a hospital bed....   [tags: Legal Issues, Mercy Killing, Schiavo]
:: 6 Works Cited 1618 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Physician-assisted Suicide is Murder - Jeanette Hall once had the desire to die; a desire so strong, she even asked her doctor for help. Jeanette lives in Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal. On July 17, 2000, Jeanette was rushed to the Portland hospital only to be given a maximum time of survival: six months. She had been diagnosed with an inoperable form of colon cancer. Jeanette had a fear of losing her job, not being able to care for her loved ones, paying hospital bills, and suffering. It was her choice to die and was prepared to reject chemotherapy and radiation, but thankfully, Jeanette’s doctor, Dr....   [tags: Euthanasia Essay]
:: 18 Works Cited 3583 words
( pages) Research Papers [preview] Holodomor: Murder by Starvation - There is no way people can argue that the Holodomor (Soviet Famine) did not happen in Ukraine in the years of 1932 to 1933 in which it took over millions of lives in that area. This is a man- made famine which was crafted by Stalin to be a “lesson that they would never forget” for defying his collectivization plan for Ukraine, the now part of USSR. The Holodomor literal means murder by starvation in which the people were systematical deprived of food by either of having impossible quotas that the government place or militarily blocking outside aid....   [tags: Stalin, Ukrainian history, genocide]
:: 6 Works Cited 877 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Why Abortion is Murder - Abortion any way you look at, it is wrong. Yes, women have the right to their body, but she does not have the right to harm another human being. I have heard people say, “Well that isn't a real human being inside of that woman”. I most certainly disagree, that is in fact a real a human being inside of her. The Bible says in Psalms 139:14 "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." This verse means that the child living inside of that woman is fearfully and wonderfully made....   [tags: conception, bible, child] 537 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Trial for Dash's Murder - I was walking home with Dash on a typical Monday night, when bang. What sounded like the backfire of a rusty old Holden Ute was followed by an ear-piercing screech. Death had come instantly for my oldest friend Dash Whinstone. In the middle of a park, which was once a serene and tranquil path home, Dash lay in a pool of blood. Warm but lifeless, she quickly became paler by the second. I quickly scan my surroundings as I search for the creature accountable for the murder of a 16-year-old girl. I swiftly turn to my left when the hustling of leaves and thumping of large shoes alarm me....   [tags: personal narrative] 885 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Abortion is Not Murder - Abortion is Not Murder Is abortion murder?  Murder is defined as "illegal killing with malice aforethought." Abortion fails this definition for two reasons. First, abortion is not illegal, and second, there is no evidence to suggest that expecting mothers feel malice towards their own flesh and blood. Not all killing is murder, of course. Murder is actually a small subset of all killing, which includes accidental homicide, killing in self-defense, suicide, euthanasia, etc. When pro-life activists call abortion "murder," they are suggesting that abortion fits the definition of murder, namely, "illegal killing with malice aforethought." However, abortion fails this definition for two reaso...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics] 1201 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Murder is a Crime - Murder is a crime whether you look at the Bible - Thou shalt not kill The Sixth Commandment - or at a book of English law - Murder: an indictable crime punishable in a court of law. Since the early 1800,s, most executions have resulted from convictions for murder. The death penalty has also been imposed for other serious crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping rape and treason. The State of Florida, America supports capital punishment and carries it out by electric chair execution....   [tags: Crime Essays] 630 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Murder of Rasputin - Rasputin was an important figure in the Russian Revolution. His acclaimed magical powers helped lessen the symptoms of poor Alexei's hemophilia, an awful condition in which the blood doesn't clot. Because Alexei was the heir to the Romanof throne, Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra were in a stressful situation. They gave Rasputin certain powers that people were jealous of. The aristocrats could not stand a peasant in such a high position. Peasants could not stand the rumors that the tsarina was sleeping with such a weirdo because he had a reputation for being a pervert....   [tags: Russia Russian Revolution History] 605 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] How Human Flaws Hinder Murder Investigations in Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie once said, “Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions” (Christie). The reader may believe this quote goes with her book, Murder on the Orient Express very well and some may believe she used this quote as a thesis for the book. The idea of crime being revealing and the fact that crime is revealed through the actions that are taken suggests that murder is never really anonymous, no matter how hard the murderer tries to cover their tracks....   [tags: Character Analysis, Poirot, Ratchett] 2502 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Fascination with Murder Stirs Within Us - 1. Introduction Murder is considered one of the worst acts a person can commit; yet in fiction murder is a highly popular theme. From ancient tales to modern thrillers, stories of people being killed seems to always have had a fascinated audience. As society progresses entertainment with real deaths ceases, however fictional ones flourish. The strange interest in death seems to never lose its hold on fiction. Some explain this fascination with murder as a combination of survival instinct and the strong emotions murder stirs in us....   [tags: death, crime, life]
:: 4 Works Cited 598 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Meursault Justifies Murder - The emotionless anti-hero, Monsieur Meursault, embarks on a distinct philosophical journey through The Stranger. Confident in his ideas about the world, Meursault is an unemotional protagonist who survives without expectations or even aspirations. Because of his constant indifference and lack of opinions about the world, it can be denoted that he undergoes a psychological detachment from the world and society. It is through these characteristics that exist in Meursault that Camus expresses the absurd....   [tags: The Stranger, Monsieur Meursault, Analysis]
:: 1 Works Cited 1096 words
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