Vivid dreams - volume one

Opinions about the meaning of dreams have varied and shifted through time and culture. Many endorse the Freudian theory of dreams – that dreams reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions. Other prominent theories include those suggesting that dreams assist in memory formation, problem solving, or simply are a product of random brain activation. [7] The earliest recorded dreams were acquired from materials dating back approximately 5000 years, in Mesopotamia , where they were documented on clay tablets . In the Greek and Roman periods, the people believed that dreams were direct messages from deities or deceased persons, and that they predicted the future . Some cultures practiced dream incubation with the intention of cultivating dreams that are of prophecy . [8]

Recently, a team of researchers have proven, for the first time, why REM (theta brain wave) sleep is believed to be a keystone of memory consolidation in all mammals, including humans. The researchers at Douglas Mental Health University Institute (McGill University) and the University of Bern used state-of-the art optogenetics to confirm a causal link between rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and memory formation.

This intense and persistent sleepiness often leads to inattention and drowsiness. Sometimes, people with narcolepsy can have “automatic behavior” in which they continue an activity, such as driving or taking notes in class, with little conscious awareness.

Vivid Dreams - Volume OneVivid Dreams - Volume OneVivid Dreams - Volume OneVivid Dreams - Volume One